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Introducing: No Excuses Safety

A new program from Verona Safety to help YOU choose which new safety products are worth YOUR time and money!

No Excuses Safety reviews safety equipment to provide insight into the quality and performance of each item. The best equipment of each type is awarded the No Excuses Safety Seal of Approval. Only the top 1% of all safety equipment can carry this coveted seal!

The No Excuses Safety Seal of Approval was introduced to help safety directors make better purchasing decisions. The market is flooded with PPE options of varying quality. Both a safety director's workload and the stakes to keep workers safe are increasing exponentially.

Ruthlessly reviewed, only 5% of products reviewed earn the No Excuses Safety Seal of Approval by meeting rigorous standards. Each product must demonstrate their ability to remove any excuse of non-use (uncomfortable, unproductive, and unavailability.)

Safety Directors (and any safety equipment user) can trust the No Excuses Safety Seal of Approval because of the 3-word guarantee: It will work.

Products must meet the following requirements in order to be considered for an award:

No Excuses Safety products are: Available. Workers are unsafe if their product is unavailable, which can be caused by many things:

  • Product is priced outside of budget, lower-quality product is substituted.
  • Product hasn’t been charged or put away.
  • Doesn’t hold a charge.
  • Product doesn’t travel well.
  • Product is dirty or broken.
  • Product takes too long to don & doff and worker chooses inferior alternative.
  • Product is too big to fit in confined spaces.

No Excuses Safety products are: Comfortable. Workers are unsafe if their product is uncomfortable, which can be caused by many things:

  • It only comes in one size or is not adjustable to fit many sizes of workers.
  • It’s heavy or bulky or hot.
  • It looks dumb (workers won’t admit this and often use another excuse when appearance is actually the issue)
  • It doesn’t wick or vent properly to keep the worker cool, or conversely, in cold temperatures it doesn’t keep the worker warm.

No Excuses Safety products are: Productive. Workers are unsafe if their product is unsuccessful, which can be caused by many things:

  • It’s cumbersome: too big or too heavy to use.
  • PPE hurts more than it helps or its overprotection may induce heat stroke.
  • PPE is being used for a purpose it’s not intended for (ie slippery gloves when traction gloves are needed), it’s not properly fit to worker or it’s not properly calibrated for the job.
  • Worker is not properly trained on that equipment, use or job site.
  • Product is low quality.

Additionally, on the back end, products must meet these business requirements:

  • Right-priced
  • Unique
  • Supported
  • Accessorized
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“They can’t work if their PPE doesn’t”